Monday, November 05, 2012

Just like a Dream...a short story that I'd made and I want to share...♥

     I'm a girl who's ordinary in everything. Simple in many ways. That's why I didn't exist in my class, my friends, and especially to the guy that I loved. He's the kind of guy that every girl in town would beg to have. And I can say that I'm " almost " one of them. Almost because I stopped. I stopped dreaming about him and tried to stop loving him. Oh, why does it have to be him? Why does he have to be cool, charming, adorable, handsome, lively,approachable, skillful, talented, artistic, and have all the good manners just like my own prince in my dream? What if he's just like me? Just so ordinary. Is there any chance, he could also love me? But still, whatever I I say when it comes to reaching him, it became clear to me that it's impossible, it's an impossible love.

     One day, I left my notebook on the bench under the Cherry Tree. I decided to go back. When I got there, I was glad. There he was! Sitting on the same bench and- he's reading something! What?! Then, I realized that was my notebook back then. I was so nervous. I don't even know what to do!

     I rushed towards him and asked for my notebook. Then, he gave it to me without any hesitations. He looked troubled but I decided not to asked why. But I paused, blushed and got paralyzed when I heard him called my name and hold my left arm. " Wait! " He said, " can you accompany me for a while? "

Me: Uhhmmm...OK. ( I sat beside him ) W ha-What is it by the way?

Him: I just want to ask how to confess and express my admiration for a girl.

When I heard that... I felt my heart suddenly stop for beating, did it also felt the pain? I was hurt because I know it's not me he's talking about. It never be me. I took a deep breath.

Me: I don't know.

Him: But as a girl, what do you think is the sweetest thing that a guy would do for someone they love?

Me: For me? Uhhmmm...actually,.. ( my emotions over flowed ) when my crush passed by me and he recognizes me...that would be the sweetest thing that would happen in my life! But then--- ( I paused )

Him: But then..? ( he asked with full of curiosity )

Me: But then, it's not going to be true. For a girl like me who's very ordinary, no one notices me, even him.

Him: Is that what you think? How would you know- or how can you say that he doesn't even noticed you?

Me: Look- I know that every guy in this world wants to have an  EXTRAORDINARY girlfriend, not an ordinary one.

Him: And how did you know that he's one of those guys? Maybe he also likes to marry an ordinary one? Like you! So stop thinking as if you knew what he exactly felt about you.

Me: What are you trying to say?

Him: Nothing. ( he stood in front of me ) Thanks for the time. ( He smiled and went off. )

     When he's away, I took another deep breath. "Oh! That was close!" I said to my self, " longest record, 5 minutes. sitting and talking beside him! " I felt so happy. But then , some part of my mind tells me I must not, because he loves someone else. A girl whom I think is extraordinary that really shines in his eyes. If I were like that girl. I slapped myself and said, " Stop dreaming!"

     After a week, we hadn't seen each other. I just hope we will not going to meet again, so that I can easily forget him and my feelings for him. But then, time didn't agree. Two days later was our senior's night in school. I wore a simple red dress and some " simple" accessories. I got there at exactly 7: 15 p.m. I saw all of my friends but I hesitated to get there attentions because of their boyfriends. Of all of us, in  the age of 18 I am the only one who was not lucky to have a boy friend. Why in a rush? I usually said to them when I got teased for not having my boyfriend yet. I felt so inept in that ball. " I just hope I followed my first thought not to be here", I said to my self while I make myself settle  on the same bench. I slowly closed my eyes and feel the cool breeze of the air touches my skin. I think I'm having a retreat with that situation. Then suddenly I heard  a warm voice coming from a familiar guy, whispered in my ear. I opened my eyes and recognized it was him.

" What are you doing here?" he sat beside me.

" Nothing." I said.

"Really? Don't you have a date?" He asked.

"Me? No. How about you? I'm sure a lot of girls there want you to take them for a dance." I said.

He chuckled." Exactly. But you know what? I rejected them because of a girl."

" Whose girl?"

" Uhmmm...I'm glad I found her before this night ends." He smilingly said.

" Oh... so, was she here?" I asked him, pretending as if I'm not hurt.

" Yeah." He looked at me and smiled. " She's exactly at my side, wearing a simple but elegant red dress which makes her shine in the midst of darkness; that made me noticed her beauty." He took my hand and helped me to stand.

" But-why?" I nervously asked.

" Now...are you really sure that I didn't noticed you every time you looked at me with those beautiful, sparkling eyes? When you secretly sing a song, are you sure that I'm not trying my very best to hear it/ And lastly...are you sure that a guy like me would marry an extraordinary girl someday?"

" No. Exactly no. But-" I'm still confuse.

" With all those thoughts you have about me, you're wrong. I noticed you. I always did. Please believe me..." then he hugged me very tight.

" If it's a dream..please don't let me woke up." I started to cry. " Because, I don't wanna go away from you again."

" No. It's not going to happen. This is reality." He hold my arms and looked straight to me. " Look- can't you see? I'm madly, deeply or whatsoever they call it- crazy in love with you! Face it! This is not a dream anymore."

" I hope so" I said.

"What should I do to make you believe me that this is true?" He sincerely asked.

" I- don't know"

Then, without saying a word...he kissed me.

I woke up from dreaming. I opened my eyes again and proved that it's true.

" Now, would you believe me?"

" Is that-true?" I blushingly asked.

"Aha...exactly." He grinned. " Now, Let's go inside. I don't want to end this night without even experienced to dance with someone I love." He pulled my hands towards him.

"Wait!" I paused. " Thank you."

He just smiled and drove me inside the dance floor.

It's just like a dream! No, it's not going to be a dream anymore. It's true. I know. And it will ever be...

                                                                   ~ THE END~

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