Saturday, November 24, 2012

My lucky day...!

A lone flower that caught my attention for it reminds me how sad I was then without the presence of my love ones.
Well, I just wanna share what happened on this lucky day! I'm really expecting to see these beautiful creatures on the mall where we supposed to watch a movie about addiction for drugs for our further study as I think a premed student.
I just wanna share my happiness to you guys! Hope you're enjoying them too! I know I've taken these for not a perfect time but I still hope you do.
capturing the fountain on act!

a yellow ground orchid
beautiful water lilies
bonsai plants
Poinsettia (one of my favorite flower during Christmas)
A fountain in a mall.
another bonsai plants I think?
Miniature tambis or red berries as they call it
One of the unusual flower that I saw
It really looks like a cheery blossoms but I believe it is not. ^_^
Another type of Poinsettia
Bonsais! I really love them! So cute!
The following were different types of ground orchids. He he
I really don't know what are these but they really cute looking. Just like small plants
Star gazers ( white )

Trees! Small ones...
A man made spring should I say?


  1. Any day is the perfect time to look at flowers. Your pictures are so beautiful.