Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Best Camera

When I was just a little girl, I used to dream to have my own camera. It might be a digital or the other type. I really love to take pictures of people, places, and different things that I think was beautiful inside and out. But unfortunately, there are things which are more important than my wants. My family, studies, and a lot more. This fact is sometimes making me feel sorry for myself  and jealous to those people who gets the things they want with just a snap of their fingers. But then, as I grow up and knew several learning in my life, I realized that I had already the thing that I really want since when I were young and gladly, it's always with me.

What I'm talking about is my eyes. It might not look beautiful compared to others but for me, it is one of the best gift that I had since I was born. What more can I say about these eyes of mine? Except for it is just a mixture of black and brown? Well, nothing. I just knew that by these eyes, I captured many things to be installed in my memory...and still continuing to capture things in my future. Beautiful or not. Valuable or not. I have this eyes as a perfect model of camera, mind and heart to be the film and back-up copies for keeping it for me.

I love my eyes!

Do you love yours? 


  1. oo eh! I love my EYES too!....
    brown eyes koh na daan...hahaha...;)