Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Hello again, World!

Hi there! Guess it's been years since my last sensible post about my life experiences eh? Haha, well to be honest, I'm often at lost these past times. But now, fortunately, I think I somehow cleared some confusing stuffs on my path...on my journey.

At first, it was really hard that I had to cry almost every night or those times that I could recall related events.

Not to make you dubious of my story, I'm actually talking about that thing you call 'belongingness'.

As an individual, it is a need for us to feel appreciated, loved and to feel that we belong to such group...or even to prove and fit our existing in this world, so finding for this feeling is, for me, a normal thing to do. But in a deeper thought (cos I'm such a deep thinking type of person) I guess, to be conscious of such need for those feelings would sometimes lead us to pain.

I, myself, had been struggling for the past months.

After I graduated in college I was focused in applying for work, then working and hanging out with friends. I met new people, gain more friends and had entered a new group which made me feel more loved and accepted than my place before. I liked them all and the times that we spent together.

Then one day, my bestfriend cut off his friendship with me, saying that we're over and I became just a stranger again. This incident made me doubt other people...this made me doubt myself more. I lost confidence. I lost a precious friend whom I can be with myself. I lost a guy whom I used to fight with and loved.

I became more melancholic than a phlegmatic person. I became more sensitive to my surroundings to the point that I slowly felt a big hole in my heart. Feeling the coldness not by the weather or aircon but directly from my heart. I felt really bad and digusted towards myself. That is why...I began to ask space.

I tried but the more I want to let go, the more I wanted to be seen and still to hold on to them. I was just actually waiting for someone to say that I should not worry because they understand me and I still have them though I felt such a way...but one did? The space that I asked...was given literally.

I felt bad...yet later on, I said it's also my fault.

But then...that's how we learn things, right? Especially if we're here living in this world.

Currently, there's still pain but not that bad as it was before.

I realized that sometimes, we just have to be lost to be able to find ourselves again. To know ourselves that we almost forgot because of unconsciously wanting to be loved and fit in our comfortable shells. It is important to be ourselves, nothing's wrong with that. It is right to do things we want as long as it is not to injure other people's heart, dignity and soul. It's okay if you feel you're not being appreciated by the people love though you're doing great things. It's okay as long as it's for your good and for the people. It's okay because God sees you...God sees all things we do for Him.

This world is just our temporary home, accrdng to the song of Carrie Underwood. But as long as we live, we have to do our best to do good, making failure as a strength, fears for courage, tears for a smile, challenges as blessings, and darkness into making ourselves as lights for others.

I  am now 21 and these are my learnings in life so far that I gladly want to share. :)

If I happen to learn in a wrong way please do correct me.

Anyways, this was all for now. :) God bless us everyone! 😇

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What if we made a bad decision?

We cannot change what we have already done right? it's because sometimes we were overwhelmed by some things we wanted to have for so long that we didn't realize that we were slowly blinding ourselves, that time will come that we would regret the decisions we made in our lives.

But we are just humans - capable of making ourselves winners and at the same time we are also capable of committing our own loss.

Yet here's the amazing part. Though we are capable of making bad decisions, if we would just think positively, we will surely not feel regrets but another chance to do better the next time around.

All of us have choices to make and it's up to us to choose for our own good but sometimes, those things we thought are best for us were not really meant for us to have in the first place. So what would be the best thing to do? Well I guess, we just have to admit to ourselves that we committed a mistake. Anyways, it won't kill us right? And every failures that we had in our lives only reminds us that we still have this thing called 'tomorrow' to make ourselves better. And I would always hold on to my motto which is to learn from mistakes. May it be coming from yourself or from others experience.

At the end, whatever happens always remember that everything happens for a reason. And when you can't find the answers that your looking for, LOOK UP!

HE is up there, always guiding us.
GOD will never let us down.

>>> have a GREAT DAY!!! ^^

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heart's question

I guess, it's the common question our hearts would asked someone we love and didn't appreciated that love in return.... was this true to all...? I just wanna know. ^_^

 It's when you got... rejected I guess..? So painful.....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grimm Brother's Biography


The life of Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm were born in Ganau, Germany. Jacob was born on the 4th of January 1785 and Wilhelm - on the 24th of February 1786. From early youth, until their death, the brothers were very close friends, always complementing each other.
Their father, Philipp Wilhelm Grimm (1752 - 1796), was a lawyer. After his passing, the Brothers Grimm were able to finish their education only thanks to the generosity of their aunt. The Brothers Grimm showed their brilliant abilities while they were still young. After a graduation at the Kassel School, the Grimms continued their education at Marburg University, with the firm intention to become lawyers, following the example of their father. They listened to lectures at the Law School, studied legal science, but their natural inclinations led them in a completely different direction - the study of German and foreign literature. In 1803 the famous romantic Ludwig Tieck issued his "Minnelieder aus der schwabischen Vorzeit". In the preface he strongly urged to study the native cultural heritage. Under his influence, soon after graduating, Brothers Grimm decided to inspect the manuscripts with ancient German literature and continued their research in this area until the end of their life.

In 1805 Jacob Grimm went to Paris to do scientific work. The Borthers, accustomed to always live and work together found their parting difficult and decided never to be separated again.
Between 1805 - 1809 Jakob Grimm was a librarian to Jerome Bonaparte in Vilhelmsheg. After the war with France, Jakob Grimm received a task from the Elector of Kassel - to go to Paris and return to Kassel Library manuscripts which were stolen from the French.
In 1815, together with a representative of Kassel, Jacob Grimm was sent to the Congress of Vienna. He looked down upon a prosperous political career - all business matters were an obstacle to his scientific pursuits. Jacob left the service in 1816, refusing a proposed professorship in Bonn, along with a high salary, and became librarian in Kassel, where his brother worked since 1814. The Grimm Brothers kept their humble position, devoting themselves to their research. In 1825 Wilhelm Grimm married, but the brothers still continued to live and work together. 

In 1829 there was an opening for the director's position at the Library of Kaseel. The position should have been awarded by Jacob Grimm, but another person, one without any merit, was preferred. Brothers Grimm felt so outraged by this injustice that left. Of course, they did not stay without a job - their scientific works were already too well-known. In 1830 Jacob Grimm was invited to Göttingen, became a professor of German literature and a senior librarian in the Göttingen University. Wilhelm received a junior librarians position in 1831 and was awarded the title of supernumerary, and later in 1835 - a full-time professor. There the brothers worked with a group of progressive scholars, especially Germany's science luminaries. But their stay in Göttingen was short .
The new King of Hanover, who came to the throne in 1837, decided to remove the constitution granted to Hanover by his predecessor with a single scratch. Of course, discontent swept through the country, but only seven scholars had enough courage to openly protest. The Brothers Grimm were among these seven brave men. King Ernst August immediately responded to this protest with the dismissal of the seven professors and drove away those who were not born in Hanover. Within three days the Brothers Grimm had to leave town and temporarily settled in Kassel. 

Public opinion in Germany supported the famous scientists: a petition in favor if the Grimms was opened and the two most famous publishers in Germany (Reymer and Girtsel) offered to publish a German dictionary compiled on a broad scientific basis. Brothers Grimm accepted this suggestion without hesitation and after quite a long preparation they started to work. But they did not have to stay in Kassel for long - their friends helped them. Their new patron was Crown Prince Frederick Wilhelm of Prussia. When in 1840 he came to the throne, the Brothers Grimm were called in Berlin immediately. They were elected to the Berlin Academy of Sciences, and as academics have been granted the right to read lectures at Berlin University. Soon after Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm began to read lectures at the university and lived in Berlin until their death. William died on the 16th of December 1859 and Jacob followed him on on the 20th of September 1863.