Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspiration to be more determined and love my chosen field

Maybe you do not know but I am a freshman Psychology student. I chose this course even if I don't have such clear reason. My first choice was to be in office just like my mother, or to take a medicine field like veterinary, and up until now, I'm not really sure why I'd pick Psychology. Maybe, I was just intrigue by the nature of human being. My relatives would say I'm really intelligent because I chose this course, but they don't know in reality that I'm not somewhat fond of studying like others. I'm just simply blessed (maybe) to have a wide range of understanding even if it's not really focusing on academics. But I could still  feel inside me that I really understand things on my own; I just can't simply imply those in words coz I find myself still locking of knowledge.

And now, talking about my motive of sharing here, I am currently writing because of such incident and because of what I had read a while ago. Our family had a robbery experience last week. I'm not sure of the exact date but that was before my grandfather must be buried. It was just so sad to think that by the time we're still on our moving on stage of our grandfather's death, things that are important to us just got lost, and what's shocking was that, it was one of our relatives. She's a family. Well, I'm not having any brief background on her but based on what my family was talking about, she and her family had this background of being somewhat thieves. Thieves that are not planning on how much, who, and even what are they going to get. When I heard my Aunt said, " That's the way they are. They really getting something not everything they want. If they saw something that interest them, they would undeniably get that for their satisfaction." And by here, they had concluded that the girl and possibly her family also has this disorder called kleptomania.

Based on (

     Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder characterized by a recurrent failure to resist stealing.

Kleptomania is a complex disorder characterized by repeated, failed attempts to stop stealing. It is often seen in patients who are chemically dependent or who have a coexisting mood, anxiety, or eating disorder. Other coexisting mental disorders may include major depression, panic attacks, social phobia , anorexia nervosa , bulimia nervosa , substance abuse, and obsessive-compulsive disorder . People with this disorder have an overwhelming urge to steal and get a thrill from doing so. The recurrent act of stealing may be restricted to specific objects and settings, but the affected person may or may not describe these special preferences. People with this disorder usually exhibit guilt after the theft.
Detection of kleptomania, even by significant others, is difficult and the disorder often proceeds undetected. There may be preferred objects and environments where theft occurs. One theory proposes that the thrill of stealing helps to alleviate symptoms in persons who are clinically depressed.

Causes and symptoms


The cause of kleptomania is unknown, although it may have a genetic component and may be transmitted among first-degree relatives. There also seems to be a strong propensity for kleptomania to coexist with obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, and clinical depression.


The handbook used by mental health professionals to diagnose mental disorders is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders . Published by the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM contains diagnostic criteria and research findings for mental disorders. It is the primary reference for mental health professionals in the United States. The 2000 edition of this manual (fourth edition, text revision), known as the DSM-IV-TR, lists five diagnostic criteria for kleptomania:
  • • Repeated theft of objects that are unnecessary for either personal use or monetary value.
  • • Increasing tension immediately before the theft.
  • • Pleasure or relief upon committing the theft.
  • • The theft is not motivated by anger or vengeance, and is not caused by a delusion or hallucination.
  • • The behavior is not better accounted for by a conduct disorder , manic episode , or antisocial personality disorder.

See what's I'm talking about? After hearing those conclusions, as a psychology student, I got curious. Was this true? Can we really say that she's like that without even checking on her deeper background? The first feeling I felt was a sudden anger for my family's lost but it was replaced in no time by the feeling of wanting to help. Not in a sense that I don't care about the feelings of my family but, in this situation, somebody needs to understand people who needs to be understood. She was sick, although I'm not sure.

After that incident, the next day, they saw her in our place, still roaming and chatting to others as if she's innocent. And we could really tell that she's not coz we had enough evidences and witnesses that would put her to jail. But in respect to our grandfather, we didn't bother to make an issue. Material things were not really important for us. Respect. That was what we need from her.

In the scenario where she still have the guts to face us after what she'd done, became the interesting part for me. My sister kept telling that I'm such a weirdo making such investigative thinking of what that girl had on her mind. Well, I will be going to be a successful psychologist so I'm just preparing my self. I would think that, " Yeah. She still want to show her face to us because she wanted to simply slap to our face her motive to look innocent. But, no. She's really not. Witnesses could defend my statement." The next thing that came to my mind was about the MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder. According to what I've read, a person was having different personalities and from time to time the alters or the other personalities just overruled their host and will do things on their command and when the host will get back to her self again, she would not be able to recover memories from what her alters had done. It's like having different kinds of person inside one body. And in relation to this one, I think this disorder could be one of the reason why that girl had done such terrible things but still manage to make an innocent face to us.Maybe, she had done that but she's not aware. I read a statement on a book said, " there's still deference between, ' she had done that' and 'she's guilty'". But, I, myself, doesn't know things about the MPD scientifically that's why I'm still in doubt.

After going through my thoughts, I almost laugh at myself. Because of these, I'm beginning to show signs of loving my field and now I'm more inspired and determined to finish this one. Although the reasons weren't still clear on my conscious  mind, I know deep inside me knew that I belonged here. That I could find fragments of my life if I pursue this. I really love following my heart with the agreement of my mind when it comes to deciding on things, you know.

That's all for now, I may get busy these days so see you folks! Thank you.♥

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