Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What if we made a bad decision?

We cannot change what we have already done right? it's because sometimes we were overwhelmed by some things we wanted to have for so long that we didn't realize that we were slowly blinding ourselves, that time will come that we would regret the decisions we made in our lives.

But we are just humans - capable of making ourselves winners and at the same time we are also capable of committing our own loss.

Yet here's the amazing part. Though we are capable of making bad decisions, if we would just think positively, we will surely not feel regrets but another chance to do better the next time around.

All of us have choices to make and it's up to us to choose for our own good but sometimes, those things we thought are best for us were not really meant for us to have in the first place. So what would be the best thing to do? Well I guess, we just have to admit to ourselves that we committed a mistake. Anyways, it won't kill us right? And every failures that we had in our lives only reminds us that we still have this thing called 'tomorrow' to make ourselves better. And I would always hold on to my motto which is to learn from mistakes. May it be coming from yourself or from others experience.

At the end, whatever happens always remember that everything happens for a reason. And when you can't find the answers that your looking for, LOOK UP!

HE is up there, always guiding us.
GOD will never let us down.

>>> have a GREAT DAY!!! ^^

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