Sunday, January 06, 2013

The reason of my BLOG

Here I am now...

     at the library,  I opened the computer and viewed my blog. Then suddenly, I felt a certain sadness inside me.

     I really don't know why I felt such way but then I still chose to not ignore it instead, I reflected. And thank goodness, for just a short time let's say in minutes, I had already my answer.

My first question was why...and the answer was my blog.

Then another question popped up... blog?

And here, I know, I don't have to think cause I already knew the answers to it.

What was really my reason why I created this blog?

     Basically, it is really one of my dreams or simply want to have a blog. Not really to earn money like other bloggers do but...simply, as reflected in my personality, I only want to have something where I can share all my thoughts: ups and downs of life, specifically.

     But then these times, I lost my focus. Why? Maybe because of my business as a student and lack of experiences.

     Speaking of lack of experiences, I noticed this when one of my friend had his critics about my works. And by there, I learned that he is actually right. I really don't have the idea of being a good blogger myself.

     If it was showcasing my blog, I am really a failure. But then, in here...only here actually is where I could find peace and freedom for myself cause I'm just like a bird locked-up in a dark cage, not knowing the real world I suppose to know.

     So, I'm not going to give up this thing. Although I'm such an amateur blogger, I still want to share things with you.

    This might look like for all...but I hope, some individuals who could relate on me, can somewhat be inspired by this.

The reason(s) of this BLOG is not to look like a business...

but...a SIMPLE DREAM of a SIMPLE alone GIRL like me...who aims to be an INSPIRATION to all HEARTS and SOULS.

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