Friday, December 14, 2012

Exploring the world that I haven't been then

Bacolod City, Philippines' Social Development Center

Good day to all! ^_^

Well, I really would like to share my experience this day.

Our group, the psychology students section 1 had volunteered into an outreach to a place called, SDC or the Social Development Center. This place is for those young individuals that had created a great mistake against the law of the country and rights of the people.

At first, I and my mates were really nervous because we are thinking those what ifs. What if, they'll going to do bad to us and alike. Until, we got there. We are actually there to have a short program for them and a simple gift giving from our school.

By the time that we entered the place, it really looks not like a jail, instead, it's just like a small compound. That it is just a house. A simple house. Children then with the age of I think 10-12 are greeting us, courtly. Some are just looking at us dubiously. We can't blame them to feel such uneasy because we seem like strangers to them.

We then entered a small room, which was the activity place. They were so loud and somewhat unmanageable at first but then, they became silent and attentive when our teacher called them up. Well, some of them are really naughty so we are just letting them do what they want.

By this time, I could see now different faces of such young age. Younger than me, it seems. I am seventeen now, and here they go, truly, younger  than me. Really? Is this true? These are the things that I asked to myself. Obviously, I can't believe that this children could do such crimes. For I lived my life in a discipline manner that's why it's still hard for me to believe.

Then later, I could see guys and girls with just around my age starting to go inside the room.

Ha. Wow. This is really, I can say, the world that I haven't been exposed to. The real, complicated one. The reality.

After that, we began our presentation. We again presented the things that we've done during our competition last week where we won the second place.

We sing and dance with a tune of our own song composition with the content related to the true meaning of Christmas.

After we had presented, they all did clapped their hand for us! I'm glad they liked it! Cause I'm the one who composed the song. Our teacher then asked them what they've learned from what they did.

Some of them then say in our local language that, "biskan layo ka sa imo pamilya, dapat kita magpangasadya man gyapon; biskan wala handa basta kita sadya" translated, " although we are away from our family this coming Christmas, we must be still be thankful and happy; although we do not have festive foods on the table, what's more important is that we are happy."

A guy then said that," Wala ko masyado nabatian ang kanta pero na touched gid ko yah. especially na sa gigugmaanay nga word", translated," Although I haven't fully listened to the song, it somewhat touched my heart, especially when I heard the word, love."

And here...I...all of us actually, felt so happy and have the reaction of the teary eye. <Sniff-sniff> I really love these guys here! 

After that, we started our gift giving and some of them obviously are beginning to be unfair. But they eventually, returned what they had taken. Instead of scolding them, we are congratulating them for being honest. That's the best sign that they want to change their life for the better, I guess. And it's really a relief.

After all the activities we had for them, the time had come for us to say goodbye. But before that, they've given a chance to say a message for us by our teacher. At first no one did have the courage to say until a young man came into the front of all.

He said, "Madamo gid nga salamat sa mga estudyante sang Riverside College sa pagkadto diri para mabuligan kami. Tani gaan kamo sng madamo pa nga kaalam para maka-ubra kamo mayo." Translation, " we are very thankful for the students of Riverside College for being here with us, to help us. We hope that God will give you more knowledge so that you could find a better work soon."

Here...he really did touched not only our hearts but deeper...our soul.

We are too our very thankful that we are given a chance to have this activity. We did promise them that we'll be back next year and we will. Cause a promise is never meant to be broken for those kind of individuals.

During our trip going back to our school, one of my classmate shared something to all of us. She said (translation)" a child came towards me, and I asked what does he needs. he just then said that, if I could help him pray that he'll be out this Christmas so that he'll be with his family this special season."

All of us suddenly became quiet. And that silence simply shows that they are doing now the hope of that child.

So, if you happened to read this one and your heart was also touched, please help not only this child but all of them living away with their loved ones.

I hope, you could somehow reflect on your own and may you find ways to help these kind of unfortunate individuals.

I'm really happy that I've shared this one. Hope you feel the same way.

Advance happy holiday to all of us! 

May God bless us always!

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  1. what a nice story! You are wise beyond your years. I am old now but wish I had had your insight at your age. God bless your journey and please keep writing.